MagicJack VOIP Phone for Free Calls

By September 28, 2007Gizmos and Gadget, VOIP



MagicJack is a new startup that is taking aim at the likes of Vonage and Skype. MagicJack is a true plug and play USB device that allows you to make free calls to the US and Canada. Reading users’ reviews you would think it is the best thing since sliced bread. And they may be right. The fact that you can simply plug the device into your computer and be up and running with a few minutes is a really nice feature. And what about that price? $39 for the first year and $20 for the second. Woot.

Of course, there are lots of questions for users who covet every feature. First, MagicJack is adding area codes as I write this. But they are adding ones all the time, so if yours isn’t listed yet, it probably will be soon. Next, call quality seems to be very good. Many people are reporting excellent quality and in areas that they VOIP typically suffers. If you are an overseas business traveler, you will love this thing. You can call back home anywhere you get internet. Save some dough man. But, you can’t use your current number – yet. That feature may come soon. But, coupled with Google’s Grand Central, you can do what you want. You also get free voice mail, call waiting, and 3 way calling. They also tout a follow-me service but I haven’t seen anything on it. Maybe it’s under development.

I may have to get one to try it. Let us know if you are using it.


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