Plantronics .Audio 480 Phone Booth

By October 8, 2007Gizmos and Gadget, VOIP



Mobility is a big deal these days. And there are two big things that people want to use – music and phone. Plantronics keys into that desire by providing a minimalist set that will do both. But will it do both well? That’s always the question to ask in multi-function devices. Most multi function devices, like all-in-one printers, do all functions half heartedly. That keeps cost down for you while providing the convenience of having everything in one. They’ve incorporated a nice, thin boom into their design. Throw in noise reducing headphones and a noise canceling microphone, and you have the makings of a nice unit.

The bottom line is that this device is a nice go between. If you are an audiophile, then don’t expect this unit to drive the kind of high end audio that you expect from very nice dedicated headphones. However, if you want something that can do both functions well, this unit is very nice. The earbuds can be a little uncomfortable for some folks.


Speaker Driver Size: 8mm Diameter

Speaker Frequency Response: 20Hz – 10kHz

Microphone Adjust Switch: 200Hz – 7kHz

Cable Length: 4 feet (3.5mm plugs)

Interface (.Audio 480 analog version): Plug into Sound Card or MP3 Player

Interface (.Audio 480 USB): USB

Compatibility (.Audio 480 analog version): Windows®

Compatibility (.Audio 480 USB): Windows® & Macintosh®


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