Google Chrome LAUNCHED!

By September 2, 2008Browsers, Emerging Technology


Google ChromeThis past weekend, Google stunned many tech observers with a surprise unveiling of Google’s latest product: Chrome. A beta version of Google Chrome, a new internet browser, was launched earlier today to the public, boasting some pretty significant changes to the way Firefox and IE does things. Touting a browser-based “task manager”, and “Incognito” mode (go figure…), and a new Java handling system called V8, there are some spectacular things being done here.

While still a beta, Chrome does a number of things well for just making it out of the gate. Speed is, so far, unmatched; regardless of what web page you pick,  it will load faster, period. This is mostly the fault of Apple’s WebKit, an open-source rendering engine Google integrated into Chrome. Chrome also possesses a “process manager”, or what you could call a browser-specific task manager that keeps track of every service, tab, and process running inside the Chrome browsing environment. If your Flash-based application starts to hang, there’s no need to crash your browser, just end the process in the process manager, and you can go about your browsing.

It’s still a beta (like Gmail…), so security issues are as-yet to be determined, but curious users should be delighted by what they find. It’s by no means as versatile as Firefox, for everything Google has helped FF with, but it’s sure to drive development forward.

A download link for Chrome can be found here!

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