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Wifi has really exploded.  Doing away with the wires is a really liberating experience.  Unfortunately, that freedom has come with a price.  Hopefully, you are NOT one of many people running an open wireless.  What I mean is, for the love of all that’s decent, please don’t tell me you have no encryption on your wireless signal!  That would be tantamount to allowing anyone and everyone into your private affairs.  And please don’t tell me you are stilll using WEP.  WEP is really insecure and can be cracked (even at high ecryption bits) very quickly.  I know because I’ve done it.  If you don’t encrypt your signal, you can still utilize the following tool – but please just enable encryption first.  That will go a long way to helping your issues.  But let’s say that your wireless signal seems to be crawling or slowed down a ton.  Maybe, just maybe, you have a wifi moocher on your hands.  Well, it just so happens that we can find out where those moochers are hiding!

Moocher Hunter is a nifty little program that allows one to nail moochers in the act.  Here is a snippet from their site:

“MoocherHunter™ identifies the location of an 802.11-based wireless moocher or hacker by the traffic they send across the network. If they want to mooch from you or use your wireless network for illegal purposes (e.g. warez downloading or illegal filesharing), then they have no choice but to reveal themselves by sending traffic across in order to accomplish their objectives. MoocherHunter™ enables the owner of the wireless network to detect traffic from this unauthorized wireless client (using either MoocherHunter™’s Passive or Active mode) and enables the owner, armed with a laptop and directional antenna, to isolate and track down the source.”

The download is part of the OSWA Assistant, which contains tools for wireless auditing.  Just remember that you need a directional antenna to make this work.  Omni directional antennas are a no go.


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