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Nintendo DSi WB

When it comes to technology, its hard to beat our Japanese brethren in things like the video game, cell phone, and handheld device markets, and it’s the fault of companies like Samsung, Sony, and Nintendo. Nintendo had a massive developer expo and showcase earlier today, and a few of the guys from “Wired” were on hand to blog about it, but if you don’t care to read timestamps, Nintendo’s big thing was announcing a new and improved Nintendo DS, dubbed the “DSi“.Completely original, right?

DSi DSL comparisonThough you may not hear much about this little handheld device (I know I haven’t), the DS is one of Nintendo’s most popular devices. Worldwide sales are already at nearly 80 million units, making it one of Nintendo’s best selling products (it absolutely dwarfs Wii sales). With integrated wireless communication with nearby DSes, two individual screens – one touch-screen, and backwards compatability, the DS is already a solid gaming-on-the-go platform, but the DSi is looking to improve things with a pair of inward-facing and outward-facing cameras and a new SD media card slot.


  • Comes in white and black colors
  • Thinner than the DS Lite
  • Two “640×480” cameras (0.3 megapixels each, one pointed inwards, the other outwards)
  • 3.25 inch LCD screens (DS Lite had 3 inch screens)
  • SD memory card slot for external storage of pictures and software
  • The DSi loses backward compatability as the GBA cartridge slot will be removed
  • Internal flash memory and built-in web browser
  • Syncable with Nintendo Photo Channel
  • Possibility of buying and storing games on DSi’s internal or SD memory

You can compare the DS Lite to the DSi here at Nintendo’s Japanese website. I wouldn’t expect much English, however, so you’re mostly limited to visual comparisons. I haven’t gotten a DS, and I’m still not sure about the viability of one for a college student like me, but the cameras and compatibility with SD memory could make a DSi pretty attractive for on-the-go people who are just looking to have some fun during that layover.

Japan’s going to get the DSi by November; rest of the world? Wait until 2009, baby.

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