Bass1000 Boss Subwoofer is Quaking

By March 31, 2009automotive



The Bass1000 Boss subwoofer packs a punch.  It’s like the time I drove up to a car in St Louis, back in the day, and felt my head about to explode.  I don’t know how powerful their subwoofer was, but it may have been comparable to the Bass1000.  This things rocks and at a good price.

The Bass1000 Boss subwoofer features MOSFET electronic amplifier.  That always makes me laugh because it sounds so official.  That’s just an acronym for a transistor.  That’s all.  The bottom line is this: it features a 91db sensitivity, a 500 watt RMS power range, and 1000 watts of peak power.   RMS stands for root mean square is used to give you an idea about continuous power.  This really should be used to gauge the power.  In any case, that’s loud.

The Bass1000 Boss subwoofer comes with a remote, so you can adjust levels on the fly.  That’s good because you know how one song can really crank out the bass, while another is lame on it.  Now, as I said before, don’t expect a true 1000 watt response out of this subwoofer.  But if you are wanting big sound at a great price (can be found for around $150-$200), then this is a good choice.


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