Philips Voip321 Skype Phone

By March 30, 2009VOIP



The Philips Voip321 gives you the ability to receive land line calls and do Skype in one fell swoop.  It really shows you that voip is here to stay when folks like Philips are making inroads to the market.

“The introduction of Skype compatibility to our devices is great news for consumers, enabling them to communicate in new ways with friends and family far away,” said Nick Dosanjh, vice president and general manager, Philips Home Communication. “Philips is actively working with a number of companies to provide consumers with innovative entertainment and communication solutions.The Philips VoIP321 is designed to allow the consumer to experience Skype’s service with the convenience of a familiar cordless telephone and the simplicity and ease of use expected from Philips.”

The Philips Voip321 allows you to make or take calls via your standard landline.  It also allows you to make or take Skype calls.  You can do Skype conference calls as well.  It can store up to 50 names and numbers.  And it has a distinct ring to help you hear which on is a landline call and which one is a Skype call.  Now, because it utilizes your PC, there are some adjustments that may need to be made, but most people love this phone.


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