SRS Labs iWow iPod Adapter

By March 17, 2009Gizmos and Gadget



Users tend to complain about the audio on iPods.  Yes, there are some really great docs that make that sound really lift off.  But what is a person to do when on the go?  SRS Labs brings their technology to the iPod as an adapter.  And it really makes the sound lift.

From SRS Labs: “Patented solutions in the iWOW Adaptor greatly improve the playback of audio by creating an expansive sound stage and eliminating the narrow sweet spot to create an immersive audio experience with deep, rich bass and high-frequency clarity — putting you, the listener, in the center of the performance.”  Now users tend to equate this expansion in the sound stage with a loud button.  That’s true in the sense that it will make the sound bigger.  But it’s more finesse than simply jacking the volume range.

  • Standard headphones or earbuds 16 ohms or higher
  • Works With:
  • iPod classic (80GB & 160GB)
  • iPod nano 3rd deneration (video; 4GB & 8GB)
  • iPod 5th generation (video; 60GB & 80GB)
  • iPod touch (8GB, 16GB & 32GB)

If you are addicted to your iPod for movies and music, you should consider the SRS iWow adapter.  $59 from Amazon.


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