Alter G Anti Gravity Treadmill

By April 10, 2009Medical Technology



Running is great for you.  But, it’s terrible long term on your joints.  The repititive pounding on your knees, hips, and ankles is destructive.  So, what’s a professional athlete to do?  Well, you could always borrow NASA technology and build an anti gravity treadmill.  Huh?

Of course, you will look like you are running in a giant shoe, but that’s okay.  No, there isn’t any liquid in that bubble, so forget the resistance.  Instead, Alter G uses a pressure regulation system.  This system is the shoe shaped enclosure that you see.

They utilize pressure regulation to increase a lifting mechanism on the individual.  This can be regulated with great specificity.  You can reduce body weight from 0% to 80%.  This will help alleviate repetitive damage to the athlete.

But Alter G also has medicinal uses.  Think about people who have had some sort of injury.  This treadmill could greatly speed the recovery process.  And think about folks who have had heart surgery or other medical procedures.

But, you will not be seeing this in homes any time soon.  At $75,000 a shot, the Alter G will be the stuff of medical facilities and high end health clubs.

Watch it in action:


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