Uniden DECT3080-3 Dect 6 Phone Review

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My last phone system was an AT&T system.  It was big and bulky and super non-intuitive.  Can you tell that I didn’t like it?  I recently grabbed the Uniden Dect3080-3 system and was blown away.

The dash three in the name denotes that it has 3 handsets in the box.  The box is tiny.  They package this really well.  That was a good start.  I hate bloated packaging.  I love the handsets on this thing.  They are sleek and really cool looking.  Set up was a snap.  Easy and intuitive.

The LCD displays are a subtle purple blue as default but can be changed.  I really like the default.  It’s visible on the dock, with cool color icons, and brightens up when you pull it off the cradle.  You can add up to 6 handsets, which is plenty for most folks.

One of the first things I noticed was the menu system.  It’s actually really intuitive.  And another thing I quickly noticed was the ability to check messages from the handset.  You  listen like voice mail.  You can delete, pause, play, etc. all from the handset.  That’s a great feature.

The included phone book is pretty nice.  You can dump recent phone numbers into the phone book and program accordingly.  You can then propogate that phone book over to the other phones.  Again, that’s a nice feature.  You can push the whole thing over or just a listing.  You can also set distinct rings for a caller.

Batteries will allow 10 hours of talk time per charge.  That should be way more than I would need.

The quality is stellar.  I couldn’t believe the difference in terms of how it sounded from a separate phone.  And the clarity while talking on the actual handset is great.  Distance works very well too.

Overall, I love this cordless Dect 6 phone.  I give a 4 out of 5 stars, only because a few of the menus can be a little confusing.  But it’s still a quantum leap from my previous phone.



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