TechCrunch’s Crunchlet Pretty Amazing

By June 5, 2009Tablets


crunchletOkay, so they didn’t name it the Crunchlet.  I’ve seen Crunch Pad, but I didn’t love that name.  Sorry if that is the designated name.  Until I see otherwise, I’ll call it the Crunchlet.  In any case, Arrington and the folks over at Tech Crunch / Crunch Gear have done something that absolutely warms my heart.  They took a need/desire that no one was fulfilling and did it themselves.  The result is going to be an amazing tablet that is cheap, runs on Linux, and is super useful.  Prosumers, unite!


It’s been really fun to watch the iterations of the prototypes.  The latest rounds have included a 12 inch capacitive touchscreen, 1GB of ram, and 4 GB of flash storage.  The experience is browser driven.  And really, when you see where things are headed, this totally makes sense.  Resolution is 1024×768, with wifi, and accelerometer.  It has a four cell battery and should cost around $299.  Very cool indeed.  Here is a video of Crunchlet Protoype B, they should be putting up a video of Crunchlet Prototype C soon.  I’ll try to update then.


Updated Video:


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