Sony Reader Daily Edition Ebook Reader

By August 27, 2009Gizmos and Gadget



Sony really has its sights set on Amazon’s Kindle.  The Daily Edition Sony ebook reader brings some great features for a semi reasonable price.

The first thing you will notice about the Sony Reader Daily Edition is the 7 inch touch screen.  It features 16 grayscale screen with high contrast ration.  Yeah, can’t wait for the color screens to arrive for e-ink.

The second thing you will notice is that it sports 3G support.  This is “compliments” of AT&T.  The biggest bummer about that support is that it is only for the Sony Store.  Sorry, you don’t get web browsing support.  Mark that down for future product releases.

The third thing you will notice, and the one that really got me excited, is the library support.  They utilize overdrive, which I have used before to get library book over the internet.  Yes, they use DRM to give you check out times.  But, this is really a huge step in the right direction.  That’s because there are a ton of great titles out there that you could snap up for reading.  And you wouldn’t even have to go to the library.

The last thing to note is that this reader costs $399.  Amazon’s Kindle now has a fair running mate.  Though, I still want these things to come down in price, feature 3G internet browsing, and add color touch e-ink.  Too much to ask?


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