Don’t Get Burned On Your Laptop Rental

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It wasn’t that long ago that renting any type of computer was super expensive and hard to find.  Luckily, getting laptop rentals these days is actually pretty easy.  And that affords you tremendous convenience.  But, you need to know what you need, and what the conditions of the laptop rental are, you might just get burned.  I couldn’t help including the notorious dell laptop burning battery picture.

Ok, first things first.  You need to figure out exactly what you need in a laptop rental, hardware wise.  Make absolutely sure you think through what you need.


Are you going to be showing potential clients photographs or video?  If so, you will want a laptop with a superior display.  If you are shooting video in HD, get a laptop rental with a HD lcd screen.

Video Card

If you are showing a video, a presentation that includes video, or doing gaming; then you absolutely want a laptop with a high end graphics card.  Talk it through with one of their reps.  They should be able to steer you in the right direction.


RAM is probably the single most important aspect of your laptop rental.  That’s because low RAM can cripple your application.  If you are using Vista, I would highly recommend that you shoot for 1 to 2 gigs of RAM.  If you are utilizing photos or video, I would personally opt for an Mac and get a lot of RAM.  You could shoot for 2-4 gigs of RAM.

Hard Drive

Again, if you are doing hardware intensive applications like photo or video, you will want high end hardware.  The hard drive is no exception.  If you can, go for a solid state hard drive.  A solid state drive has no moving parts.  It’s like the flash drives that are out today.  That will give you fast operation.  Now, if you have to opt for a standard hard drive, make sure you get a 7200rpm drive.  Laptop drives also come in 5400 and even 4800rpm varieties.  The slower the spin, the slower the operation.

Wireless Capability

Now, if you are gonna need access to the internet, make sure you have wireless capability in the laptop.  Most newer ones today have them built in.

Okay, so that basically covers most hardware gotchas.  I’m sure there are more, but that covers the basics.  Now, let’s move to actual laptop rentals agreement.

Per Day Charge

Make sure that you return the laptop when you are supposed to return it.  If not, you can expect to pay a very hefty per day charge.

Damage Charges

If you receive a damaged laptop, you should report it immediately to the supplier.  If not, you may get stuck with charges.

Original Boxes

Most places want their stuff back in the boxes in which they were sent.  Don’t lose them or suffer the dreaded charge.

As a final note, make sure to read the laptop rental shop’s Terms and Conditions.  This will keep you from making any other costly mistake.


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