Microsoft Courier Interesting Tablet Computer

By September 28, 2009Tablets



Microsoft seems to have shifted into another gear recently.  I don’t know what that is about, but someone seems to be cracking the whip and trying to turn the ship around.  The Microsoft Courier tablet computer is the latest addition.

Microsoft seems keen on moving nomenclature away from “tablet” to “booklet.”  Whatever.  Now, there is no telling whether or not Microsoft will put this into production, but late stage prototypes are said to be in the works.  In any case, Microsoft is addressing some interesting needs in the netbook/tablet space with the Courier.

The dual screens/booklet idea really brings some added benefits.  The added visual space allows for a lot more functionality.  You can utilize one as a workspace while the other screen is where most of the action happens.  This is similar to a dual screen setup on a desktop.  Also, if typing came into light, only one screen would use the onscreen keyboard.  This would be a huge plus.

If they add book reading to the equation, then the Courier really takes on an added dimension.  This would be great in a classroom setting.  But the Courier could also be an interesting addition to the workplace.  I personally would love to have this available because it would cut my paper output done to virtually zero.  The camera on the back doesn’t seem to make a huge amount of sense to me, but what do I know.  I’m not sure you need that when every mobile device now sports them.  It seems Microsoft is starting to put out some interesting ideas at last.


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