Q-See QSC48030 Video Surveillance Cameras

By September 2, 2009Security, Surveillance Cameras



The Q-See QSC48030 line of video surveillance cameras gives you a robust camera at a very reasonable price.  This allows you to nail the bad guys without being robbed by a camera company.  It doesn’t stand up to high end video surveillance cameras, but it’s a great buy for the money.

Let’s face it, sometimes you live or do business in a part of town that is less than honest or safe.  And there is nothing more frustrating than having some low life wreak havoc with your life while your trying to do the right thing.  That’s where you can leverage technology for the better.

Q-See’s QSC48030 is a weatherproof CCD with 80 foot line of sight and night vision capabilities.  It comes with 60 foot of installation cable and can be easily hooked up to a VCR, TV, or DVR.  Why do people like it?  Well, the price is a big start, coming in at around $120.  This camera can struggle a little in complete darkness, in some situations.  And if you are wanting great clarity at far ranges, this camera is not for you.  You will want to go with a higher end video surveillance camera for that type of application.  But for most folks, this camera will get it done.  Great value.


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