My Wii Remote Won’t Sync

By December 26, 2009Tutorials



Now here is a great Christmas time post.  You may have gotten a new Wii or simply pulled the Wii out for some Christmas insanity with the family.   You get things rolling and next thing you know,  one of your Wii remotes won’t sync.  Depending on what the issue is, this problem can be completely infuriating.

Okay, we are going to start with the easiest thing possible and run down the list.

Absolute First to try to sync your Wii remotes before we get to the “hacks”:

wii Remote Sync Standard

Push the sync button in the Wii compartment displayed above.  I know, you may not have known that existed.  Now, push the sync button in the battery compartment of the Wii remote.  That should work 99.9% of the time.

Attempt #1

The very first thing you should do, is the remote sync.  Open the battery compartment of the individual remote and look for a small red button.  It will have the word “sync” near it.  Press and hold that button for about 20 seconds.

Okay, so that still doesn’t work?  Yeah, it didn’t for me either.  Okay, on to

Attempt #2

Now, older Wii units have a red reset button under a flip up compartment near the media card slots.  You can also push that reset button for like 20 seconds and then attempt to sync the unsyncable wii remote.  Well, if you are lucky, like me, then this will not work for you either.  Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.

Attempt #3

If you have a newer Wii unit, to reset you can hold the reset button on the front, or you can simply unplug the unit for like 10 minutes.  This may or may not work for you.  If not, go for my personal attempt.

Attempt #4

If nothing else works for you, try this.  I know it will sound stupid, but just give it a whirl.  Put in Wii Sports.  Now, go to a game and select the “More” button on the screen.  Now, you obviously have to do this with the working remote.  On the More screen where you add another remote, try to sync the unsyncable remote.  This works for me every time I can’t get it to sync another way.

Attempt #5

Another really good thing to try is while in the game.  Click the “Home” button.  You know, the one between the plus and minus buttons.  Then select “Wii remote settings”  In there you can select a setting to disconnect the remotes.  Then you should be able to reconnect the remotes.  For some reason, sometimes the remotes like to fight over the first position.  This usually helps get them straight.


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