5 Reasons iPad Will Succeed

By January 28, 2010Commentary, Industry News


Photo: Moses demonstrating multi touch.

It is always fascinating watching Apple present a new product.  It’s not Apple that I watch, it’s everyone else.  Bloggers goes nuts.  Stock analysts approach it with typical wry skepticism.  And news outlets tap into the prognostications.  Bloggers and followers almost always seem underwhelmed when a new product comes out.  Maybe because bloggers tend to obsess about the new product ad nauseum.  The Apple iPad met with the same backlash.  Regardless, here are my reasons why the iPad will be a success.

#1. The Middle Market – The iPad does not replace the netbook.  The iPad does not replace the laptop.  The iPad does not replace smartphones.  As Jobs said, the iPad works the middle market.  In some ways, I think this market exists in theory.  Yes, it’s being tapped somewhat, but I think iPad will eventually crush it.  It’s going to be very useful for people and very lucrative to Apple.  Oh yeah, the pricing will work.

#2. Performance – The one thing we are hearing over and over is how fast the iPad is.  That will be super appealing to users.  If I can have a portable device that flies….how do I get one?  People will pay for a device that does things well and performs fast, now.

#3. User Experience – C’mon, this is Apple afterall.  The iPad user experience is great and will continue to improve.  This goes from the hardware right to the OS and apps.  This is the type of electronics that people will be showing off to friends and family.  And people will be drawn in because it works well, is intuitive, performs quickly, and cuts the fat.

#4. Portability – The stand allows for quick docking and undocking.  But, more than anything, people will love to carry this thing around.  They will love to grab it and take it to the couch to use.  They will love sit in bed and read a book with it.  They will love to take it to meetings to project a presentation.  We shall see if the 10 hour battery life holds weight.  If it does, it will only bolster this claim.  Almost forgot, wireless and 3G.

#5 Apps and Media – Apple is slowly becoming the purveyor of media.  Trust me, long term that holds some serious weight.  Did you see how newspapers and book companies want to snuggle up to Apple?  Sort of reminds me of music companies and movie houses.  Hmmmm, me thinks Apple is strategic.  Oh, and the apps will get better and more addictive.

I could have waxed on about tons of other things, but these are the things that stick in my mind.  People are asking, “But what is the use case for this device?”  My best answer is wait and see.  Trust me, it’s coming.


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