Squareup iPhone Credit Card Processing

By January 5, 2010Security



The iPhone really is an amazing device.  It seems its versatility knows no bounds.  Squareup is a company that is putting credit card processing where your iPhone is.

Now, it isn’t just that Squareup brings convenience to the table in this nice little credit card processing unit.  No, it’s that they extend that convenience by adding services or features that I personally would have liked to see in a point of sale system.  This includes:

  • Super simple setup.  Squareup says that you can literally start taking credit cards in less than a minute.
  • Utilize the Squareup device on any mobile device with an audio jack.
  • Photo verification of other Square users.  This would be awesome – we will see how much that catches on.  But would be nice for security.
  • Built in reward systems.  Stop getting paper cards punched for a free cup of joe.  Squareup would keep track of that now.
  • Charitable giving.  Squareup donates a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choice.  Very nice.
  • Online catalogue of receipts.  About time.

It looks like Mophie, the mobile battery vendor, will be announcing a credit card processing add on for the iPhone at CES.


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