GM En-V Bubble Car

By March 25, 2010automotive


The En-V, or electric networked vehicle, is GM’s push for an urban car in China.  But will the cramped orb vehicle produce riots from the masses?

Gm is trying to “reinvent” the urban auto landscape.  This is not a bad idea since most cramped urban areas feature cars that take up a lot of room and don’t move very fast.  This adds up to a lot of pollution, noise, traffic, etc.  The En-V is attempting to address some of those issues by making the car like a segway.

This would allow parking places to accomodate five such En-Vs, as opposed to one car.  The En-V would run on electricity and would have the ability to travel without human interaction.  Well, that’s at least in theory.  I’ve been hearing this kind of thing for years without any sustained usage in real life.  They say it will happen with the use of GPS, intra-car connectivity, and object sensing.  Enough techno voodoo.  Bring on the flying cars.  It also weighs less than 800 lbs, with occupants.  Well, if they are not Americans.  Tsk, tsk.


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