Swann Digital Guardian ADW400 Security System

By March 11, 2010Security


Part of the real pain with traditional security systems is the pain of setup.  And if you have to run wires, well, that really bites as well.  Swann wants you to buy the ADW400 and say goodbye to those pains.

The ADW400 surveillance system features a wireless, infrared video camera and a base station (DVR).  Now, for the good.  It is a digital, wireless video camera solution that allows for encryption of the video signal.  This means that no one can grab that signal and use it for nefarious purposes, like stealing your concrete duck out front.  It also means that the wireless signal will not experience interference.  The vendor claims a generous 165 foot signal distance, but I’m not super confident on that.  It also uses 1/4″ CMOS and you can record in VGA: 640 x 480 / QVGA: 320 x 240 modes.  You power the video camera by hooking it up to a power outlet.

And now for the not so goods.  The first thing is that you use an SD card in the DVR/base station.  It comes with a 2GB card that will afford you 2 hours of recording time.  If you upgrade to a 32GB card, you can record 2 days at the lowest resolution.  Now, in the long run, that would drive me insane.  I want something that would write to a computer directly.  Who wants to move video back and forth between storage devices?  It would be nice to have an eSata slot or something.  Also, I don’t think the actual camera is waterproof.  I could be wrong on that, but I didn’t find anything to tell me differently.

But, for $250 you get a pretty easy to use infrared and DVR surveillance syste.  That’s pretty good for the price.  You can also add up to 4 wireless video cameras to the system.

Here’s their video on the product.  I was half expecting this guy to rap with the music:


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