A Few Good Ticket Dodging Radar Detectors

By September 17, 2010automotive


No one likes getting a ticket.  But some sure do love giving them!  Why not grab a good radar detector to ward off those ticket mongers?  Here’s a few, high rated radar detectors.

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector / Laser Detector

Price: $450

Yes, it’s expensive.  But, many users will tell you that this radar detector is really good at what it does.  It is really top in class when it comes to the “smart” detectors with GPS, autolearn, across all radar bands (X, K, Ka, and Ku).  The false positive detection is something everyone loves.  This effectively keeps the alarms to a minimal.  Folks who do a lot of highway travel won’t like the red light alarm.  But for folks where red light cameras can wind up costing you money, it’s a big deal.  And speed trap detection via GPS, etc. is just sweet.  Good detection, calming blue light display, and less tickets.

Beltronics 995 Vector Radar Detector

Price: $190

Yep, one thing you immediately notice is the price differential.  You get the typical features, but it does the job well.  The voice notifications are nice, but turn the volume down when you get it because the default will make you change your shorts.  It does pick up a lot of false positives, but it does a good job at an exceptional price.  Bargain hunters will love this radar detector.

Whistler XTR-695 Radar Detector

Price: $132

Again, this radar detector has very good sensitivity within the bands while minimizing the false alarms.  The menus are easy to navigate, but the displays could use a little more lighting.  But the voice and periscope lights are more than enough to get you through.  All in all, a very good value for what you are getting.


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