Norton 360 Version 4.0

By December 7, 2010Virus


Unfortunately, a major part of being in the Windows crowd is having to have a lot of protection.  Norton 360 Version 4 is a big seller because it protects and is very affordable.

New and ingenious exploits are coming out all the time.  One of the most harmful are the replicated sites that look like banks and other institutions, but are really hackers harvesting log-in credentials.  Norton 360 is able to identify these sites and warn you of the potential threat.  It also protects against the typical threats: viruses, worms, trojans, etc.  Norton 360 is going to proactively scan your system at program installs or file downloads.  And, of course, the firewall is going to keep folks from snooping around.

Norton 360 is really pulling together a ton of disparate utilities.  It will defragment your drive, remove temporary files, and clean your registry.  But the big addition has to be the file backup capability.  This is done online and is a very nice addition, though I personally utilize Mozy for that.

Previously I had used Norton products and had some lackluster results.  The installation or removal were either bad or really messed systems up.  It seems that Norton has taken consumer responses to heart and made those processes much better.

And the Amazon price of $28 is seriously cheap.  Great price for a product that remains a front runner in the security space.


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