Chris Malloy Presents Hoverbike

By June 14, 2011Emerging Technology


Chris Malloy Hoverbike

If you are a gearhead, then the concept of a hoverbike is the stuff of ecstatic fantasy.  Chris Malloy is aiming to take that concept from fantasy to reality.

Chris is working on the project on his own time and on his own money, except for a trickle of donations.  He is testing right now and hopes to have a working prototype soon.  He estimates a top speed of 173mph and a maximum height of, egads, 10,000 feet!  Er, not sure most people would want that, but hey.  The Hoverbike would be classified as an ultralight, so no pilot’s license would be necessary.  A production run of 100 units would put the cost at around $40,000.  If that production increased, price would drop considerably.  Here’s to hoping production runs are high!

The right handlebar grip controls thrust and the left handlebar grip controls pitch up and down to make it move forwards or backwards.  Chris says that he plans to have gyroscopes and computer control to keep the hoverbike super stable.  Also, parachutes will be needed in emergency situations.  And the rotors will be completely covered in the final design to keep your limbs intact.  I guess that’s a good thing!

Smoke Testing the Hoverbike:



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