Wii or Nintendo Parental Control Reset Without Calling Nintendo

By December 23, 2011Computer Tech Support


This is a pretty nice hackie.  I recently purchased a Nintendo DSi from someone on craigslist.  Yep, parental controls in full swing and no way to get rid of them.  Don’t worry, you too can learn the way of Zen and kill the parental control – and w/out calling Nintendo!

First things first.  Make sure your system date is right.  Now, go to your System settings menu.  You know, the icon that looks like a wrench.  Go to the Parental Control menu.  Say “I forgot.”  Then select “I forgot,” and it will give you a confirmation number that you are supposed to give Nintendo.  Forget that, go this Wii and DS Password Resetter Website and enter that confirmation number.  Make sure the date is the correct date.  And then enter the “Unlock Code” that it gives you.

Congratulations, you have now reset your Wii or Nintendo DS.


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