Never Wet Superhydrophobic Coating

By January 18, 2012nanotechnology


Have you ever seen something that you needed to do a double take?  Never Wet is like that.  It just repels liquids and oils in a way that just boggles the eyes.

But it’s not just the wow factor that has me excited about Never Wet.  The applications for this type of coating are simply mind boggling.  If you have ever been to the ocean, you know how corrosive salt water can be.  Now, think about things that have to go into salt water environments.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that water never touched the surface in the first place?  And what about things like power lines.  Wouldn’t it be great if freezing rain just fell off, instead of adhering to the line?  Of course it would!  I could go on and on about the possibilities.  But honestly, you probably just want your eyes boggled:


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