DropCam HD Webcam

By April 11, 2012Surveillance Cameras



People want easy.  Dont you want easy?  This is especially true when using computer hardware at home.  I don’t want to have to spend an hour to figure something out for home – and I work in IT.  DropCam purports to be a super easy HD Webcam for $149.  But is this snake oil?

DropCam does have a great idea.  You do a one-time setup on your computer and DropCam connects to your wifi thereafter.  It updates when needed, all without your input.  I have to admit that I had thoughts of HAL 9000, especially when I saw this picture of the DropCam:

DropCam Hal 9000

But seriously, you can do two-way audio with your iPhone with this thing.  You can set up motion activation.  It can do night video, in case you want to do that sort of thing.  DropCam does hefty security on the video link, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that part.  That’s a good thing as it’s unreal how many Google dorked webcams are out there!  You can share your DropCam or just keep it private.  And having mobile access to it is a great idea.  They also have DVR packages, in case you need to use it for a security camera and such.  Great idea – backordered until May 31st!


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