Toyota Sienna Door Panel Removal

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Don’t be like this guy!  I recently had an issue with my Toyota Sienna (2004) Window.  The window wouldn’t go down and so I thought at first that the window regulator may be toast.  But once I started looking at it, I found that the regulator was working okay.  You could hear it want to go.  So, the only way to really know what was going on was to remove the door panel and take a look.  If you are in the same boat, and beyond your warranty, you should take a look at it yourself.  It’s easier than you might think.

I’m going to post step by step pics of how to get the door panel off.  I won’t be going into how to disassemble the window regulator.  I will, however, post videos that show you how.  It’s pretty easy as you just disconnect the power and then remove some screws.  Getting it out is easy, getting it back in is a little tricky.  But it can be done – as I – a trained monkey – did it!  A good tip for beginners is to tape any screws to the location of their removal.  This ensures that they get replaced correctly at the end!  Another tip is that you should not force anything.  If you have to force is really hard, you probably forgot a screw or a step.  Okay, let’s get going.

Step 1: Remove plastic screw AND housing from the side of the door

I don’t show it in the picture, but you also have to remove the housing that the plastic screw came in.  Easy enuff, on to step 2.

Step 2: Remove armrest screws

Yep, it’s that easy folks.  Remove those screws.  Gosh, don’t you feel confident?

Step 3: Pop out armrest

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Armrest Connector

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Lift Armrest

Now, this step is a little tricky.  You have to push that metal bracket in, toward the front of the van, to get that armrest to budge.  Once you have that, pivot the armrest from the front and it should move out.

Step 4: Disconnect all 3 of the armrest electrical connections

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Electric Connections

The only trick to this part is that you have to depress the little tab on the wire end of the connector.  Once you depress that, these come out with a pull.  Sorry, but the gray connector on the right isn’t pictured well.  It is for the light in the door.  The other connectors are for the lock and window.

Step 5: Remove screws on the armrest substructure

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Sub Screws

And, again, just remove the screws.  I hope at this point you feel like a Sienna door panel remover Pro!

Step 6: Remove door handle cover

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Handle Sub

You may have to pull the door handle to get this part out.  Again, easy.

Step 7: Remove the screen under the door handle cover

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Handle Screw

Yet another duh step.  Remove the screw.

Step 8: Remove window frame triangle

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Window Triangle

I’m sure there is a more technical name for this, but I don’t care.  Force from the top.  That’s it.

Step 9: Pull door anchors out from door frame

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Plastic Anchors

The best place to start is where I started in this pic.  If you are worried about scratching the underlying metal, use a piece of hard plastic.  These anchors are around the door frame.  Work clockwise and you will see them clearly in there.  Once you are done here, the door will be hanging from the top.  And we arrive at the trickiest part of the whole disassembly.

Step 10: Remove the door handle attachment wires

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Lock Attachments

Toyota Sienna Door Panel Lock Attachment Closeup

What you want to do is lift the door panel up from the window.  It sits in a channel there and can only be removed by lifting up.  Once you lift it up and back, you will notice these wires holding it in place.  They are connected to holders on the door frame that are easily removed.  Now, this is more easily done with two people.  The bottom picture shows that these are ball end connectors.  You will need to push the wires toward the front of the van and then up and out of the holders.  Be careful not to force this part, as you could break the door handle.  Once you have both of these free, you should have the door panel off!

NOTE: if you bend the cable a lot when removing this, just bend it back straight.  If you don’t, the door locks may not work great when you put the door back on!

Reassembly just means reversing these steps.

Alright, now here is the video for those wanting to mess with the window regulator:

Keep in mind this is for a camry, but it should give you a good idea.  Notice how the door panel remover is different.  That’s because it’s a Camry.


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