Logitech Revue Review

By April 11, 2013Reviews



Recently I got a subscription to Fox Soccer 2 Go.  If you are not familiar with the service, it’s a nice subscription service that allows you to view games on apps or on a computer.  Well, I wanted to view that on my TV, so I need a flash enabled browser to do this.  So, I decided to try the Logitech Revue because it came with Google TV.

The Revue is an older device and that made me leery, but I wanted to review it anyway.  So, I proceeded with it.  The nice thing about the Revue is the keyboard for online browsing.  It also has an App that you can get to control it.  Having a keyboard became cumbersome over time, however.  Also, the Revue was a little sluggish.

Google TV itself is a decent experience, but it needs improvement.  Considering they just pushed out a big update, I think this will happen.  Amazon on demand doesn’t have an App, but you can get it from the browser.  This seemed really cumbersome to me.  Some people think it’s okay, but I am not one of them.  Netflix also on this app allows for entry to “kids only” and the regular Netflix.  I just don’t see the use in this setup.  You should be able to lock down more granular than that.  Or password protect the unrestricted version.  So, the Google TV experience isn’t as polished as the Roku.  But you can do a lot more.

Watching Fox Soccer 2 go was pretty awesome.  The biggest issue I had, however, is that this thing would reset.  I’m not talking about restarting.  I’m talking about resetting to factory default settings.  Yep, it’s like you just turned it on.

That was enough for me to send it back.  As such, I give this 1 star.  Don’t waste your time – go to Roku or the Sony NSZ-Gs7.



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