Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV Set Top Box Review

By May 24, 2013Reviews


Sony NSZ-GS7

I recently purchased the Logitech Revue and I, ironically did a Logitech Revue review.  Anyway, I wasn’t so hot on the Logitech.  So, I nabbed me a Sony NSZ-GS7 to compare.

The first thing you notice on the Sony is how small and sleek it is.  The remote has a nice keyboard on the back and a touchpad on the front.  But enough with aesthetics.  I wanted to see how this newer hardware will do with Google TV.  The Logitech was abysmal in streaming my Fox Soccer 2 go.  The Sony breezes right through it.  I was impressed with how well it played it.  Also, moving around the Android interface is much smoother.

Set up was a snap too.  Obviously, I had gone through something similar with my Logitech.  But the Logitech Revue had issues remembering those settings.  For some reason, the unit kept resetting constantly.  That was the final straw for me to send it back.  I haven’t had this issue at all on the Sony.

The remote itself is pretty good.  Scrolling with the touchpad is a little unwieldy, especially for small hands.  However, the keyboard works really well.  And, unlike the Logitech, I don’t have to have a separate keyboard to store away.  You can also control the TV sound and channels through it.  I don’t have another set top box for cable and/or satellite, so I can’t speak to those.  I use over the air HD.  I’m still looking at options to get that integrated into Google TV.  I’m all ears if you have suggestions.

Other than those things, Google TV is the same.  It’s just that this Sony actually makes using it enjoyable.  I recommend this device and give it 4 out of 5 stars.



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