File contained a virus and was deleted

By October 31, 2013Security


I had a client that was recently getting this message.  If you are getting it, the cause can be a misconfiguration or worse.

The result can sometimes be caused by faulty anti virus programs.  Or anti virus programs that were once on the computer, but were removed.  The removal may not have gone well – and so you are left with vestiges of things like this.  Bottom line is that an anti virus program that used to reside on the machine isn’t there anymore or isn’t operating correctly.  You can sometimes solve the issue by resetting your browser’s settings.  This can get rid of any add ons or settings that were causing the issue.  Sometimes, manually removing something like AVG anti virus can also get rid of the issue.

However, in our case, the problem wasn’t that at all.  It was caused by malware that was installed on the machine.  The first thing I would recommend would be to run Malwarebytes quick scan.  Sometimes that won’t even run right or run at all.  If so, enter safe mode and try scanning there.  Once we removed all the malware, we were still having issues with the message “File contained a virus and was deleted.”

So, I ran a targed scanner/cleaner from ESET for the Sirefef trojan.  That took care of the issue.


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