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File contained a virus and was deleted

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I had a client that was recently getting this message.  If you are getting it, the cause can be a misconfiguration or worse.

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Logitech Revue Review

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Recently I got a subscription to Fox Soccer 2 Go.  If you are not familiar with the service, it’s a nice subscription service that allows you to view games on apps or on a computer.  Well, I wanted to view that on my TV, so I need a flash enabled browser to do this.  So, I decided to try the Logitech Revue because it came with Google TV.

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Ooma VOIP Appliance

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I kicked my phone land line years ago.  It was really a nice feeling to kick that service to the curb.  Fast forward to this year and we suddenly found ourselves in need of a landline again.  Well, I didn’t want to go backward, so I decided to give Ooma VOIP service a try.

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Samsung ATIV Smart PC

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The tablet market is going into hyperdrive.  The announcement of Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market utilization with Windows 8 architecture made a few ripples.  It will be really interesting to see how this plays out.  To say Microsoft is playing catch up is an understatement, but they have a lot of money at their disposal.  Anyway, Samsung has announced an interesting product, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC which will fully run Windows 8 Pro and all your apps and programs.

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