Codeweavers Giving Away Software Today!

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Apple or Linux fans, rejoice! CodeWeavers, as part of a semi-promotional stunt, semi-political gaffe, is making their catalog of CrossOver software available to everyone with a valid email address for October 28th, only! If you don’t know what CodeWeavers, with the CrossOver software, is out to do: Their mission is to make the Linux and Mac operating systems fully Windows compatible. CrossOver is an (from what I can tell, their main site has been down all day. Thanks Digg!) API-GUI that runs off the Wine source tree and allows you to run Windows-based applications. Hurry over to their website and grab your version before midnight CST (10:00 PST, 1:00 EST, 6:00 GMT) , then come back here and read up on what’s going on!

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AppleScript.THT Mac Trojan in the Wild

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sad_mac.jpgMacs have had the privy of not owning market share.  Now, that’s good and bad.  Good in that malicious individuals won’t target you because of the ROI.  And it’s bad because you don’t have much market share!  Anyway, Various sources are indicating that a Mac trojan, named AppleScript is actively being exploited.

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MacBook Air Blows Over Mobile Crowd

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It’s all over the news, but I couldn’t help doing a blurb on the Macbook Air.  To say that Apple creates buzz is an understatement.  The buzz for their MacWorld conference was that they were going to release an ultra-portable.  Well, they did that and some.

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Apple Tablet PC in the Works?

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It seems Apple is going to have a go at the “Tablet PC” market. With news coming from Crave.co.uk, rumor has it that Apple is currently developing it’s own version of the tablet PC right now. The details are as follows: Asus (Apple’s contract manufacturer) is assisting in the design and prototyping of a new tablet-based computer. As the primary issue with a tablet PC is the interface, Apple shouldn’t have any serious problems developing a solid piece of technology: it has some of the best interface design personnel in technology today. With the iPhone and iPod Touch as clear demonstrations of how proficient Apple is at integrating the input devices into a screen, a tablet PC is a logical extension of the skillful implementation of such an interface. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time an Apple tablet has been mentioned

With Macworld 2008 coming up in Early January, we may hear some developing news about this, but, given the ambiguity of Crave’s information, there may also be no official announcement until well into the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2008. Either way, it’s a good bet there’s at least some high-level design and discussion occurring with regard to a new Mac platform; the form of which we don’t know yet.

Mac OS X Leopard

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Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s time for Mac fanatics all over the world to froth at the mouth in eager, wanton expectation of the new OS X – Leopard (goes on sale tomorrow). Well, why in the heck should you fork over the $129 to buy it? Okay, okay, before I move on – you can also fork out $199 and get user licenses to put it on your whole family of Macs. That’s nice. Now, back to the issue at hand. Why should you buy Leopard? Let’s move through the features and watch a video too.

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AT&T / Cingular Edge on ‘Roids?

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Well, seems that silly iPhone did it again. Indirectly, of course. No way of “truly” knowing, short of a press release, whether a huge boost in speed on Cingular and AT&T’s EDGE network wasn’t a massive, simultaneous, nation-wide boot up of new hardware and protocols, but we could venture a guess what it was for. It’s has been rumored for a while that AT&T would give the EDGE a kick in the pants for the iPhone launch; even garnering the nickname “Fine Edge”. Even so, after the June 29th launch date, Edge users were reporting a big increase in speed over their networks; some even had around a 50% boost!

Though the news of AT&T employees forcing iPhone accessories upon customers is worthy to be frowned upon, it seems everybody (with a Cingular plan) wins in this deal.

Oh, and sorry about posting about the iPhone, Paul… (see this post)

iPhone Launch Salute

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To be honest, I am already sick of hearing about the iPhone. But there’s no doubt that the iPhone will change the way we do phones. It brings a lot of technologies into an intuitive and cool device. And that’s what I think about when I think about Apple: intuitive and very cool. And their marketing is really incredible. But every tech and gadget blog in the universe has covered the iPhone 9 billion times over. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, but not too far off. So, I thought I would do something a bit different and do an iPhone salute. Yep, it’s iPhone buffoonery PaulTech style.

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Safari Gets Tested

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No to SafariEarlier this week, Steve Jobs announced that Safari was coming to Windows at the WWDC. This was great news for “Developers” everywhere, as now they can view how their pages will look on all four of the major browsers: Firefox, Opera, IE, and now Safari. However, it was a nightmare for security personnel. A mere two hours after the Safari beta was released, a working command execution vulnerability was authored and on the Internet, available for anyone to use.

Thor Larholm and David Maynor, the two authors of the first zero-day exploit for Safari, explained that Safari, while secure on OS X, isn’t drawing on the same layers for security that such programs like Firefox and IE are using. In effect, it’s relying on security protocols that just aren’t there on Windows, but are on OS X. This means that the Windows version of Safari (so far) is relatively insecure.

Still, there’s hope for the fledgling program. Safari for Windows is built on an open-source browsing program, WebKit. It’s possible that, with enough help from Windows elites, the security holes stemming from the port to Windows could be filled entirely without Apple!

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