Microsoft Bidding On Yahoo!

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After a bit of a hiatus from Paul-Tech, it’s good to be back.

The computer industry got quite a shock today with an announcement that Microsoft has made an unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo! for $44.6 billion dollars. On a share-to-share basis, the deal means Microsoft will be paying $32 dollars for each Yahoo! share, or 62% over yesterday’s closing price. Apparently this deal stems from competition with Google, which has left both MSN and Yahoo! search engines derelict. The merger won’t even give them a majority in the realm of Internet search traffic, as Google’s lead over MS and Yahoo! search traffic is more than the two combined. The deal, while very attractive, especially to Yahoo! shareholders, still has to be OKed by American and European authorities.

Here’s to hoping that Flickr stays intact.

Vonage Mobile USB VOIP V-Phone

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vonage-vphone.jpgIf you’re on the road a lot, you’ll know that cell phone minutes are expensive. And if you have ever made phone calls from a motel, you understand the shock you can have at check out time. Vonage has a neat little USB device that can turn any laptop computer with an internet connection into a mobile communication center. And this device is actually pretty easy to install, easy to use, and highly functional.

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SPA 9000 Linksys VOIP and Beyond

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On January 5th, Linksys announced the SPA 9000. This is an IP PBX solution. In a nutshell, PBX is what most businesses utilize for internal phone systems. It allows you to put calls on hold with music, route to extensions, etc. This solution has 4 jacks – 2 for POTS (plain old telephone) and 2 IP jacks. This is a timely announcement because I had just been looking into the linux based solution, Asterisk. Asterisk is a PBX software management system for your business. It is produced by Digium – who also produce cards that perform a similar function as the Linksys solution. So, if you want to do straight VOIP (voice over IP) – no problem. Read More


I go Boingo for Skype!

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Boingo Logo + Skype Logo= Wifi Telephony! Boingo and Skype are teaming up to provide Skype’s internet telephony over Boingo’s 18,000 Wifi hotspots worldwide. The service will cost $8 a month. When Skype started it was fraught with connection and quality problems. But the service has dramatically improved. Read More


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Skype LogoSkype is an internet telephony solution that has actually been around for a little while. It has now garnered over a million users. Skype to Skype users is free. Skype to standard telephone users (SkypeOut calls) is charged. Rates vary depending on where it’s going and whether or not it’s to a mobile device or land line. But the rates seem very competitive. I personally haven’t used Skype, but think I may have to give it a whirl. Any Skype users out there? We would love to hear feedback on this service! Read More