DimDim Free Web Conference Software

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Not that long ago, I posted about a really cool free web conference software called openmeetings.  It was a little harsh in terms of install, setup, and configuration.  The hardest part was scaling the product in terms of networking and QOS.  I planned on coming back to that product for more testing when someone tipped me off to DimDim.  DimDim is simply a killer free web conference software package.  Also, it’s hosted (if you choose that route), up to 20 attendants – and, did I mention free – forever!  Yes, you can download the open source software and host it yourself, but DimDim blows open the limitations of openmeetings.

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Western Digital TV HD Media Player

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Western Digital adds another addition to the ever crowded TV media player space.  Their little HD player is affordable, plays most file types, and is easy to use.  What else could you ask for?

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A Better Way to Find Faces

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If you’ve ever watched the “Jason Bourne” series of movies, he constantly has the CIA, INTERPOL, and other organizations following his every move. One of the ways they did this was through face-recognition software which took video feed, processed it, and compared faces which appeared in the video feed against an archived database. While, in the movie, the software never failed to recognize a face, this is rarely the case in real life. Even in ideal conditions, the best face recognition software only works well when you can control factors such as resolution or face angle. However, Pablo Hennings-Yeomans’ work over at Carnegie Mellon University may just change all that. Read More


NetFlix To Keep User Profiles

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Netflix LogoOK, I don’t personally use Netflix, but I’ve heard the hoopla and buzz surrounding how simple and easy their service is to use. I was, therefore, surprised when I heard that they were going to eliminate individual user profiles “for simplicity’s sake”. User profiles, from what I understand, allow accounts with “multiple DVD check-out” privileges to allow individual users to specify what DVDs they want next, up to as many as the host account allows. Therefore, a family could maintain separate queues for action movies (Oorah?), romance movies (Nick Sparks), and kids movies (Anything Pixar…).

Apparently they realized, with the help of the adamant NetFlix community, that this would be a friggin’ stupid move.

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Linux Rocks Media

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If you haven’t tried linux, you really are missing something. In the 10 years that I have tried and retried linux, it has changed immensely. I can remember not being able to load the desktop on my first go around because I had slightly non-mainstream video card. And I’m not talking too far out of the mainstream. Since then, I have grown in my linux acumen. And it seems that linux has completely out-paced my own knowledge growth. Linux now sports just about any software need you may have, and some. Let’s look at 2 particular software projects that caught my eye recently. But believe me when I say this, there are literally thousands and thousands more that you can delve into. Seriously, you should give linux a try!

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NetFlix WatchNow DRM Hack

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**Previously, on the hack channel** Remember kiddos about FairUse4WM and QTFairUse? They are DRM hacks for Windows Media and iTunes that I posted about last year. It’s the cat and mouse game here. FairUse writers post their hack on the forums. iTunes and Windows Media post a patch to their software to combat the hack. FairUse writers then post another hack to break the latest DRM patch. And on and on we go. Well, the latest buzz has been around a way to break NetFlix Windows Media wrapped DRM movies posted on the Rorta forums.

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MediaPortal Advanced Free Media Center

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This is kind of a follow up from yesterday’s Pinnacle HDTV USB device. I know Pinnacle includes some free PVR software, but those kind of bundled PVR software packages don’t usually measure up. I’ve mentioned the commercial PVR software BeyondTV before – and I am a fan. But I thought I would mention another PVR software project that’s open source. MediaPortal looks like a promising app that I intend to review at some point in the near future. But MediaPortal is much more than just PVR software, it functions as, well, a media portal. It’s intended to allow you to peruse your entire media collection.

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Magic DVD Ripper

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Picture this: Your average human being with a computer and an impressive collection of DVDs peers through his library and is suddenly discouraged. Discouraged because it is tedious to take them on a trip if he wanted to watch any. Discouraged because if he ever lost any of his DVDs, he doesn’t really have any backups, digital or hard copies. Mostly, this lack of a way to reclaim his media is the fault of the MPAA (I’m not touching them…yet), but also because it’s hard to find a good copying and ripping program out there. However, never fear. A little while back someone recommended “Magic DVD Ripper” to me, and I can’t say I’ve ever looked back. If you want a capable, cheap, simple-yet-effective program to take your DVDs from disc to hard drive, look no further.

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DriveCam Watches Teen Drivers

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tsd_web.gifNow here’s something that everyone can get behind. Car accidents are teens’ biggest killer. That fact alone should make every parent want to do everything they can to ensure their safety behind the wheel. I’ve heard of parents who won’t let their children drive with other teens in the car. I’ve written about SignalTrac, a black box for your car. I’ve also written about TrackStick, a GPS system in a USB stick. But DriveCam is teaming up with American Family Insurance to provide an interesting system that could save the life of your teen.

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