My Furby Won’t Wake Up!

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Furby Won't Wake Up

That cry from my child sent me springing into action.  We had recently replaced the batteries.  Here’s how to fix in a quick pinch.

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Cheap Toyota Sienna Power Seat Fix – Sukkit Toyota

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I noticed that the power seat started slipping in our 2004 Toyota Sienna.  I figured it was either something on the track, the motor, or some kind of gear.  What I thought would be a pretty easy fix turned into a total fiasco.

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WPMU Sub Domain Test Environment on the Mac

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I have been using a Macbook pretty heavily for the last few months.  Anyway, I recently had to do some major upgrades to a WPMU or WordPress multi site installation.  So, I wanted to set up a test environment on my Mac.  Well, it became evident soon thereafter that doing sub domaining is something a lot of people want to do – and yet there isn’t a great tutorial for it.  Well, here is a tutorial.  And actually, I’m going to show you how to easily pull down your site, make changes, test, and upload to your production environment.  Now, there are better tutorials that allow for quick syncing, etc.  So, if you are doing this a lot, you will probably want to go that route.  Let’s get going.

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Revive iBook G4 Using Ubuntu

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iBook G4

I was recently helping a friend with their iBook G4.  It came to me with the ominous clicking hard drive.  After a little bit of playing around I determined that the hard drive was in fact toast.  Now, if you have ever disassembled an iBook G4, you will know what a pain in the posterior it can be.  Removing the hard drive basically requires a total tear down, minus the LCD panel.  If you are ever disassembling the iBook G4, do yourself a favor and go to that link.  I went to install a new hard drive in the iBook G4, but the owner didn’t have the installation disks.  Doh.  What’s a person to do?  Ubuntu PPC to the rescue!

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My Wii Remote Won’t Sync

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Now here is a great Christmas time post.  You may have gotten a new Wii or simply pulled the Wii out for some Christmas insanity with the family.   You get things rolling and next thing you know,  one of your Wii remotes won’t sync.  Depending on what the issue is, this problem can be completely infuriating.

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Don’t Get Burned On Your Laptop Rental

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It wasn’t that long ago that renting any type of computer was super expensive and hard to find.  Luckily, getting laptop rentals these days is actually pretty easy.  And that affords you tremendous convenience.  But, you need to know what you need, and what the conditions of the laptop rental are, you might just get burned.  I couldn’t help including the notorious dell laptop burning battery picture.

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Web 2.0 Meets Software Engineering

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Stack Overflow LogoThis one goes out to all you programmers out there. Whether it be Ruby, C#, ASP.NET, Perl, Python, or any of a number of programming languages, the varying syntaxes, compilers, and platforms can be a headache sometimes. Unless you’re an expert, there’s always a question to be answered; and often, you have to trust a programming book or Google search to find what you’re looking for. This is where “Stack Overflow” comes in.

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Honda Odyssey EGR Valve and Port

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Here is an interesting issue that I thought I would share with the wider Odyssey community. A while ago I got an Check Engine Light (CEL) or Message Indicator Light (MIL). I went over to Autozone and got the code pulled. If you didn’t know you could do that, now you do. Autozone will pull those codes out of the on board computer for free.

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