Lock and Unlock Your Computer Using Your Cell Phone

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bluetooth.gifDon’t you just hate logging in and out of your computer? If you’re in a corporate setting, they sometimes have a time out feature to force the lock screen. If it’s set at a fast time interval, it can be super annoying. And if you work on stuff at home with the kids around and get distracted or have to attend to other issues – it sure would be nice to have the computer autolock. That will keep your proposal from having words in it like “kjhoi08dsfh.” Yeah, been there, done that. Here are some ways to use your cell phone to lock / unlock your computer – on Mac, linux, and Windows.

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New PC Hassles & Firefox Tricks

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Firefox VertI take it all back about the “giddyness” I said I would experience a few days ago; well, not completely. These past two days have been lethally full of stuff for me; orientation for college started today and will continue tomorrow, so I’ve been prepping for that, on top of the new computer needed to have files, profiles, mail, settings, preferences, programs, and a whole bunch of junk transferred from the old PC to the new one, resulting in a ton of stress.

Operating Firefox and Thunderbird without most of my mail, favorites, themes, and extensions has been a real blast to the past; not something I particularly care for. However, there are a few cool features I discovered about Firefox, in particular, when delving around… Read More


Free PC Memory Test

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memory.jpgHave you ever been confronted by bizarre error messages on your computer? You may get strange recurring errors when performing routine programs. Or, usually a dead giveaway, is when you get copy messages when loading Windows for the first time. It will ask you if you want to skip the file. Try the setup CD in another machine and, if it works, your memory probably has an issue. But how do you tell? Well, you can this little program in a number of ways.

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Oil-Cooled Machines

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Aquarium PCWith all of this summer heat approaching, I’ve been slightly worried about my computer setup. I’m currently overclocking my Raedon 9800 Pro and a number of other motherboard components; so naturally, heat buildup is going to be a problem. To help with the situation I installed a Zalman VF900 VGA cooler fan, so temperatures have been staying inside normal ranges. However, it is my desire in the future to set-up a rig (not my current one) to a form of water- or oil- cooling.

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Nifty USB Key Tricks

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USB DriveOn the opposite end of the storage spectrum as my last post, today’s topic is USB Flash drives. Actually, the post is about “10 Nifty Tricks You Can Do With Your USB Keydrive” I came across over at lifehacker. On the list is everything from speeding up Windows Vista to encrypting an entire hard drive, not to mention many, many other tricks were listed in the comments below. I couldn’t find enough use for my flash drive before, but some of these just takes the cake…

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Synchronizing Offline Files

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Here’s the deal. You have a laptop that you like toting all over the place. Maybe you go hang out with friends and exchange photos. Or maybe it’s a business laptop and you meet with clients off-site. Whatever the deal, you may want to try this folder synchronization tip. To do this, you need to have a home base network with a way to share a folder on another computer in that network.

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Removing Honda Odyssey CD Player

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A little while ago my kids were playing in the minivan. They were having so much fun – it was great to watch. And then we got in the minivan and tried to turn on the CD player. No dice. I guess the youngest one decided to put some coins into the CD player slot. Ouch. But I can understand why kids do this. I mean, it looks like that’s what it’s for. So, we had a good laugh about it. And then we got sad. No tunes – we can’t have that. Anyway, I decided to see how hard it would be to pull that CD out and remove those coins. Now, I had done this on my old ’92 Accord and it was a total nightmare. I was pleasantly surprised, however, that this only took me about an hour. And that’s with documenting for others. So, without further ado (sp?), I give you the PaulTech Honda Odyssey CD Removal Guide 😉

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Internet Access Provider

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This is another way to say, what is your Internet Service Provider, or ISP. An internet access provider is a company that allows you access to the internet network. Maybe you still don’t understand the role of an internet access provider. As usual, the best way to describe an abstract concept is through the use of a concrete one. Let’s say that you want some information about a certain kind of treasure hunting. The only problem is that this is specialized knowledge. The great thing is that there is a group of folks who gather every month to talk about this exact topic. The problem is that the only way you can get into the group is by a friend of one of the members. You find out that your friend Bob knows someone in the group. Bob agrees to hook you up with their network of friends. Now you can tap into their knowledge at will. So, in this crude analogy, Bob is the internet access provider. He is the bridge to tapping into that larger network. This is kind of like how they function in real life. And in exchange for that access, you pay a monthly bill.

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Find Out Who is Giving your Gmail Address Away

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If you are wanting to use a gmail account to see if people are farming out your email address, then this little dittie can be for you. Remember, this is best done if you use a junk gmail account because you will receive junk email possibly. I found this on a forum and posted by PCBGuy:

“When you give your email address to a website, you hope that they don’t sell or trade your address to a bunch of spammers. Well if they do, here is a simple way to see what sites are responsible for what particular piece of email. This requires you have a Gmail account.

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Free Norton Ghost Replacement

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If you have ever had to reimage many computers at once, you know how much of a pain that is. It can literally take days if you do them all by hand. You quickly realize that there has to be a better way. You start to dream of some software that would allow you to take a snapshot of a computer, save it, then push that image out to another machine. Then you get greedy. What if that could push it out to many machines, all at once? Well, many others have thought the same. That’s why Norton came out with their Ghost product. The problem is that Norton Ghost can cost a lot of money. Their enterprise version can cost up to $40 a license. Well, if you’re imaging 100 machines, that gets expensive very quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a free version? Duh…..

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