Insignia TV Won’t Turn On Fix

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Last year, we purchased a cheaper Insignia flatscreen TV.  It suits us fine and the price was right.  But the other day, after a bunch of crazy storms, it wouldn’t turn on.  My son was in despair as he was ready to watch some fun TV.

Then I remembered that some other stuff I own would do this from time to time.  The fix is super easy: unplug the TV for a few minutes and then plug it back in and turn it on.  Seriously, ridiculous.


Flat Screen Wall Mounts

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People who get an LCD, plasma, or some such flat screen should invest in flat screen wall mounts.  They look nice and really aren’t hard to install.  I recently purchased a Vizio VO47 and still love it.  When we did that, we had to think about how we wanted to mount the thing.  We came up with a nice solution overall.

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Look At How Small That TV Is!

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Wooo UT ConceptLet’s all give a round of applause for Hitachi. Hitachi, with an announcement earlier today, has beaten the likes of Samsung and LG to the title of the world’s first “ultrathin”, production-ready LCD TV. Earlier today, they unveiled the Wooo UT (ultrathin) series of LCDs at the CEATEC convention in Japan, showing off it’s slim 35mm profile. While we here at PaulTech have shown you plenty of tiny televisions, Hitachi is the first to have LCDs this close to rolling off the production line. On top of being first to market, the Wooo UT series of television sets have some other, novel features in their lineup. A wireless-capable media station, a portable, removable video storage drive, and 4 different colors. It’s not too often that you can buy a red or blue LCD television (quantities are limited).

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Sony’s World First Oled TV XEL-1

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sony-xel-1.jpgSony announced the arrival of the next generation TVs. The TVs will go on sale in Japan on December 1st. The first iteration of this TV is both small, 11 inches, and expensive, costing around $1700 USD. This really comes as no surprise in the bleeding edge technology. But Oled will be able to deliver superior color, frame rate, and power consumption. Just give it a little time for the prices to come down and the sizes to go up. Picks after the jump.

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Sharp’s 1 Inch Thick LCD Prototype

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I know, you were thinking I was going to say OLED, didn’t you. No, okay, then you are the meme I thought you were. But seriously, can you believe that Sharp has developed a TV that you can fit in your back pocket. Okay, if it wasn’t like 52 inches wide. But, you get the point – it’s very thin. But, only a press release could really say it best: “The prototype LCD TV developed at this time brings together Sharp’s unique, one-of-a-kind LCD technologies nurtured over long years of experience in this field to achieve unprecedented, mind-boggling levels of performance and design…” I love the “mind-boggling” part.

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MediaPortal Advanced Free Media Center

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This is kind of a follow up from yesterday’s Pinnacle HDTV USB device. I know Pinnacle includes some free PVR software, but those kind of bundled PVR software packages don’t usually measure up. I’ve mentioned the commercial PVR software BeyondTV before – and I am a fan. But I thought I would mention another PVR software project that’s open source. MediaPortal looks like a promising app that I intend to review at some point in the near future. But MediaPortal is much more than just PVR software, it functions as, well, a media portal. It’s intended to allow you to peruse your entire media collection.

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Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

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As chips, boards, and other components get smaller, so do the products that they make up. The Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick is a good example of this. It’s a USB stick that allows you to view HD OTA (over the air) programming from any USB capable device. So now you can turn your laptop (with capable HD screen) into an HDTV device. I’m thinking that road warriors and vacationers would especially like this kind of device.

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