Sprint to release $30 BlackBerry data plan


If you are a BlackBerry subscriber with Sprint or you would like to become one, then you should know that Sprint is ready to release a new data plan, the BIS BlackBerry Power Vision Plan from November 4th, that will cost you $30 for a 2-year contract.

Sprint to release $30 BlackBerry data plan

From what I can see this sounds like a great new package that involves unlimited BIS email, instant or text messaging, web browsing and data access. But wait that’s not all because you also get unlimited Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation and Sprint on Demand access. If you compare it with similar plans, like T-Mobile’s  $34.95 I am sure you’ll say we’re looking at a cheap one.

Prepare your 30 bucks on November 4th and keep in mind that you won’t get to use your BlackBerry as a modem unless you bring $15 more.

via RIMarkable

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