Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

It is essential to choose a shop that offers quality work. You can ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations and check online reviews.

A communication-focused auto body shop will make sure you understand every step of the repair procedure. This makes a difference when interacting with insurance companies and ensuring all required repairs are completed.

Ask for Recommendations

When repairing your car, you want to know you’re dealing with a trustworthy shop. That is why asking for recommendations and cross-referencing them with online reviews is essential.

In addition, be sure to ask if the shop has any specific certifications and awards they’ve earned. It would help if you also asked how long their warranty is. 

It is also essential to determine if the shop will use new parts or go the extra mile and use slightly used ones instead. This will save you money because brand-new parts are more expensive than aftermarket ones. Plus, they can often be delivered more quickly. This is especially true if you’re working with an insurance-approved auto body shop Denver, CO. Insurance companies deal with the body shops regularly and can provide them with discounts.

Check Online Reviews

Customer forums and verified testimonial platforms can give you a good idea of the quality of work, customer service, and business practices of various auto body shops in your area.

Read the comments thoroughly and look for those specific to your vehicle’s make and model. Please pay attention to whether or not the commenter was satisfied with their experience and why, and note any drastic changes in the number of reviews over a short period.

Independent shops often charge less for their services, but they may have a different level of expertise or access to factory-authorized parts than a dealership body shop. Be sure to ask about any warranties and guarantees that each shop offers. Choosing a shop that offers a lifetime warranty on their repairs can be very beneficial.

Get Multiple Estimates

Whether you need to have your car repaired after an accident or because of other issues, it is essential to get multiple estimates. Ideally, these estimates will align in terms of cost and recommendations. If there are any significant differences, this can help you uncover underlying issues that affect the quality of your repair work.

There are many reasons why an estimate from one shop could differ. This can include several things, such as the experience level of the estimator, time constraints, and more. A seasoned estimator will typically take more time to write an estimate and look for damage that might take time to be apparent.

It is also worth considering the type of parts used for the repairs. For example, some body shops may use salvaged or recycled parts instead of new parts. This can negatively impact the integrity of your car and lead to other problems down the road.

Listen to Your Gut

Repairing your car can be stressful, and choosing the right auto body shop is crucial to ensuring a quality repair. Do your research and ask for recommendations before making a final decision.

Lastly, listen to your gut. If a shop has hundreds of positive reviews, but you feel uncomfortable with them, keep searching. You deserve to work with a shop that prioritizes your satisfaction.

It is also essential to ask about the shop’s experience with your vehicle’s make and model. Some shops may specialize in certain types of cars, and working with an experienced shop can save you time and money.

Finally, pay attention to the tone and demeanor of the employees at each shop. This could be a red flag if the front desk staff is unfriendly or the owner seems like a grouch who resents answering your questions. Choose a shop where the owners and management team are friendly, professional, and straightforward.

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