Five Reasons to Choose a Chevrolet Wheelchair Accessible Van

If you’re ready to get out of the house and take your family out on an adventure, then it’s time to choose a Chevrolet wheelchair-accessible van. Read on to find out why so many people choose these vehicles and how they make it easy for them to go about their daily lives.


Choosing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is a complex process. There are many factors to consider before purchasing, including your needs, personal preferences, and budget.

One of the top considerations when deciding on a wheelchair-accessible van is convenience. Chevrolet wheelchair accessible vans are often a more convenient choice than other vehicles, such as sedans and coupes, due to their ability to provide easier access for disabled people.

Aside from easier access, wheelchair-accessible vans also offer better safety. Using lifts instead of ramps, disabled people can enter and exit the vehicles much faster without the risk of falling off the vehicle or hitting another person.

There are two main types of wheelchair conversions available for Chevy wheelchair-accessible vans: side entry and rear entry. A side entry ramp typically begins from the back of the vehicle and ends behind the front driver and passenger seating area.


Buying a wheelchair-accessible van or SUV is a costly endeavor. That’s why you need to research before making a purchase.

Build quality is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a handicap-accessible vehicle. You’ll want to look for a vehicle built with OEM-approved parts that have been crash-tested.

Many online-only handicap van conversion retailers don’t use the best build methods or don’t crash-test their vehicles, compromising on safety and quality.

In the long run, this can add up to high costs. That’s why you should buy from a dealer selling wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Additionally, many dealers can perform the maintenance on your wheelchair van for less than a neighborhood mechanic. That savings can be passed onto you when it’s time to sell your vehicle.


Wheelchair-accessible vans give disabled people the independence to travel and perform errands independently, without having to wait for family members to pick them up or help with transfers.

These vehicles are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters securely, so they don’t damage other vehicle features. In addition, they offer safety features like automatic doors and windows that help prevent accidents and injury while driving.

This type of vehicle is one of the safest wheelchair-accessible vans on the market. It’s crash-tested five different ways and exceeds the federal government’s requirements in all of them.

It also has a StabiliTrak system that helps keep the vehicle from slipping or fishtailing in the event of an accident. Its four-wheel anti-lock brakes and dynamic rear proportioning allow the driver to maintain control in bad weather conditions.

While this Chevrolet may not be as spacious as other wheelchair vans, it’s a great choice for families looking to purchase a ramp van that offers both convenience and style. It’s available in a 60/40 swing-out door configuration or as a sliding door variety, and it can store a wide range of wheelchairs and scooters easily.


Choosing a wheelchair-accessible van can be important for those with mobility issues. These vehicles can help a disabled person go to work, take a family member to the doctor, or do errands without having to depend on another person to drive them around.

The style of a wheelchair-accessible van is often an important consideration. Rear-entry styles require a special parking space and can only handle one or two wheelchairs. At the same time, side-entry models can have a front driver and passenger seating areas and accommodate up to five passengers, including a person in a wheelchair.

The most common style of wheelchair-accessible vans is full-size, with ample cabin space to support conversions like ramps and lifts. These vans were the first vehicle to be widely converted for handicap accessibility, and they remain popular today.


Flexibility is one of the most important factors when choosing a wheelchair-accessible van for a wheelchair user. A flexible vehicle will allow wheelchair users to access the vehicle when needed and park and load up their belongings without worrying about disassembling their chairs to get in or out of the van.

Many of the Chevy Wheelchair Accessible Van options have flexibility features and benefits, including front and rear seating options with removable seats to ensure that your wheelchair passenger can be positioned in a safe and secure area while transporting you or others. They also have extra floor-to-ceiling space for wheelchair passengers and their equipment.

In addition to our side-entry conversions, we also have rear-entry conversions. A unique option called the FlexFlat allows you to use the vehicle as a wheelchair-accessible van and stow the wheelchair inside the cargo bay when not in use. This is an innovative approach to wheelchair vans that can help you meet your mobility needs daily.

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