How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery?

Do you know how to hit a cart without a battery? As people switch from smoking to vaping, cartridges have gained popularity due to their simplicity and practicality. As you may know, people usually have two primary devices: mods or pods.

Pods, at first, were seen to be just an alternative to mods. They’re small, easy to store in your pockets, but have limited liquid capacity. However, as vaping technology progresses, pods have become many people’s primary vape devices.

Carts make vaping much simpler because the user doesn’t have to mingle with mods’ parts, settings, and overall complexity. Cartridges are also generally cheaper, so using pods can save money. 

Pods, like mods or AIOs, also require a battery to work. Usually, these batteries are chargeable. You only need to charge it once in a while when the battery runs out. It works in the same way as other batteries in other electronic devices.

The thing is, not a few people don’t like the concept of this. They want to consistently and continuously vape without battery limitation. Since vaping doesn’t produce the annoying smoke and fire that everyone hates, people can now rest easy, knowing that their hobby won’t disrupt others.

To overcome the battery limitation problem, what you can do is vape without a battery. So, how to hit a cart without a battery?

How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery?

To start the methods on how to hit a cart without a battery, you can do several steps below:

1. Get Your Charger

First, you need a charger to give the electrical supply to your pod. Grab any charger suitable to your pod’s charging slot, for example, the phone charger. Most modern pods now have a USB-C slot for charging. So, just connect your phone charger to it. If the charger is too big or too small, you should look for a suitable charger rather than cutting some parts off. 

2. Cut the wire

If you decide to use any charger, then the way you can do it is to cut the wire. Cut the cable until the USB portion is left. Ensure that the cord is long enough to reach a nearby power outlet. Cut the cable thin enough until you can see the black and red wires inside.

If you do, you can start removing these wires by using strippers. You may burn them or cut them with nail clippers, which is easier. Once you cut the wires, you can see the silver inside. 

3. Connect the wire with the cartridge

Connect the black wire to the cartridge. Usually, you can see a little hole through the pod’s charging slot. The next step is to connect the ride wire to the cartridge and then connect the USB to the power outlet. 

You can hear a slight sound from the pod if you connect them correctly. You only need to use the pod as usual and enjoy vaping without a battery!


Hitting a Cartridge with A Lighter

Is it possible to use a cartridge with a lighter? Yes, although it’s not generally acceptable. The method isn’t recommended because it can break the pod’s system. Also, if the liquid leakes, it could cause a fire.

So, rather than experimenting with highly debated and dangerous things, it’s better to stick with the general way to use a vape device. The burn could cause respiratory health problems that could be fatal for you. 

Fixing Cart Wire

Troubled vape carts can become very annoying when they are needed most. Fortunately, in most cases, solving the problem is simple.

Here are ways you can do to solve problems that occur in your pod cartridges:

  • To overcome condensation and liquid blockage in your vape pods, simply inhale firmly on the mouthpiece without turning on the vape. This is expected to open the mouthpiece of the liquid condensation blocking the vapor’s exit from your vape device.
  • Use a toothpick or small needle to open the air passage in the mouthpiece.
  • Use a hairdryer on the lowest heat setting. Aim at your cartridge to let the warm air destroy the liquid deposits inside. After that, don’t forget to put the vape in the right position to let the liquid move to where it should be.
  • Flip the vape pod. This method simply flips your vape pod to make the liquid in the cartridge move. This is quite useful for reducing liquid leakage.
  • Disassemble the cartridge: The last resort if the various steps above have not succeeded in solving the problem that occurs you have to disassemble your pod cartridge and clean it manually. However, ensure you reinstall it properly to prevent further problems.

How to Prevent Cart Problems

Every problem has a cause. Well, if you already know how to fix it, it’s time for you to prevent it from happening. Because, after all, prevention is better than cure, right? Follow these steps to prevent problems from occurring with your pod cartridges:

  • Make sure you charge your vape pod battery enough. A weak vape battery will cause a spit-back sensation due to incomplete combustion of the liquid.
  • Save in the right place. Careless storage of vape pods can cause problems with your pod cartridges.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures that can affect the viscosity of your vape cartridges.
  • Do not overfill the cartridge. Usually, each cartridge has a maximum fill limit to allow air to move inside. If it is too full, the liquid will be pushed by the air inside the cartridge and cause a leak that can damage your vape pod.

About Dry Hit

As the name suggests and previously explained above, a dry hit is a dry, charred taste from cotton burning by the coil. A dry hit occurs when you puff a vape with insufficient liquid in your cotton swab. As a result, instead of wanting to taste the deliciousness of your favorite liquid, you get burnt cotton instead.

There are several reasons why this could happen. Broken vape coils, poor airflow, and wicking problems are some of them. But, whatever the reason, one thing is clear; always take care of your cartridges.

Final Thoughts

Please remember that this method is not recommended. It is best to keep your carts and batteries in top shape for the best vaping experience.

Do you have any tech-related tips? If so please leave it in the comments below.

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